Women of the World, calendar 2017”. This series presents women as the guardian of biodiversity. As a fundamental connection with nature. This work describes different cultures, different countries, different lives with the same purpose, the preservation of the planet and freedom as a way of life.
Each illustration is represented with an event or celebration related to nature and women. They have been carefully chosen to show details that connect women with the biodiversity that surrounds them.
The illustrations Modern Venus is a tribute to the women of the world.

Modern Venus Fine Art prints
Fine art print on paper ppm pastell matt 225g
60 x 80 cm
Limeted edition 3 + 1 A.P

Modern Venus postcards set
13 Postcards set printed on cardboard 290gr
10.5 cm x 14.8 cm

Women of the World Calendar 2017
14 pages on paper 250gr
42 cm x 29,70 cm,
Limited edition: 100 pieces.

In order to bring these series of illustrations closer to everyday life. The idea of ​​creating a calendar with them was what incentive in this project.

Women of the World, calendar A3, colour print on paper 250gr with 14 pages.
Modern Venus serie, Set of 13 postcards A6, colour print on paper 290gr
Modern Venus serie, Fine art print de 60 x 80 cm, limited edition of 9 +2 A.P. on paper matte ppm 225gr.

The Women of the World calendar 2017, with an initial 100-print run, it will donate 5% of the proceeds of the sale to the project to replant about 10 000 trees in the Reserva Cauquitá in Pereira, Colombia. A sanctuary of life, which enriches the relationship of people with nature. Designed by a woman who lives connected to nature. Day after day spreads the appreciation for biodiversity working in the Cauquitá Reserve, like we do with this calendare Women of the World calendar 2017.
Support for small projects like this is our way of conserving the biodiversity that surrounds us, of which we are a part.

Lucila Bristow