13_ Caminantes del camino, 2012_13

“Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar…”

Antonio Machado

Web Surrealismo ilustrado birdie ©L. Bristow 2012_0259

God Bless You, 2013

Web Surrelismo ilustrado Squaw_9611

Squaw, 2013

Web Surrealismo ilustrado Marco punk ilustration 0034_31

Punk, 2013

Surrealismo ilustrado Pajaros

FIRE, 2013

Web Surrealismo ilustrado materia viva trasparente F1010023

Veiled, 2013.

Web I would die for © L. Bristow IMG_4902 Tratada NO COLOUR

I would die for, 2012

Web I WANT TO FLY © L. Bristow

I want to fly, 2012

Still dreaming, 2013

20´s © L. Bristow 2012

Equinoccio, 2013.

Kiss me babe, 2012

Birdie Nam Nam, 2013

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