In the digital illustration serie “Pop Up Stars”, the original photographic models disolve leading to a pure digital construction in which the viewer is nearly forced to discover new details.
Bristow “stamps” the creations with her logo (an inverted heart) placed here as a nose in a simplistic but poetic manner. 
These illustrations are representations of iconic people, sometimes unrecognizable at the first sight, linked with elements of nature.

Pop Up Stars, 2016-2020
Digital illustration print on paper
Variable dimension

Calendar 2019, Pop Up Stars
14 pages on paper 250gr
21 cm x 29,70 cm,
Limited edition


“Women of the World, calendar 2017”. This series presents women as the guardian of biodiversity. As a fundamental connection with nature. This work describes different cultures, different countries, different lives with the same purpose, the preservation of the planet and freedom as a way of life.
Each illustration is represented with an event or celebration related to nature and women. They have been carefully chosen to show details that connect women with the biodiversity that surrounds them.
“Modern Venus” is a tribute to women of the world.

Modern Venus, 2016
Digital illustration print on paper
Variable dimension

Fine Art prints
Fine art print on paper ppm pastell matt 225g
60 x 80 cm
Limeted edition 3 + 1 A.P

Postcards set
13 Postcards set printed on cardboard 290gr
10.5 cm x 14.8 cm

Calendar 2017, Women of the World
14 pages on paper 250gr
42 cm x 29,70 cm,
Limited edition: 100 pieces.





This serie of Digital illustrations is inspired from the poem
"Wayfarer, there is no path" from Antonio Machado, 1912

"Wayfarer, the only way
Is your footprints and no other.
Wayfarer, there is no way.
Make your way by going farther.
By going farther, make your way
Till looking back at where you've wandered,
You look back on that path you may
Not set foot on from now onward.
Wayfarer, there is no way;
Only wake-trails on the waters"

Lucila Bristow