SAM PROJECT, 2016-18
Photography on Silk photo paper 
40 x 30 cm 
Edition 5 + 2 A.P

The photos depict scenarios with constructions, in which the human being is not present (only their traces) together with elements linked to nature: water, light, plant of mezcal, butterfly or snow. This simbolism, the connection between us, what we create and nature, might be the path to change our point of view, a more beautiful one. 

Moreover, I intend to move towards the idea of democratization of the figure of artist and the 
embrace of new technologies. How they shape the way we produce and consume images, as well as the possibilities of expression they offer us.

This serie is not a statement but an attempt for a visual conversation with the viewer.



Surrounding Women, 2016
Photography on Silk photo paper. 
30 x 40 cm

Women surrounded by their daily life.
Stories told through faces, looks, gestures, occupations, colors, clothes, traditions and spaces that surround the women of India. A study on daily life that reflects the social castes, where women have to face many and different obstacles that are presented to them in life, for the simple fact of belonging to the female sex
India, arguably, is the worst G-20 country to be a woman. A country based on the system of patriarchy, where castes divide society, with no close possibility of reconciliation. The role of women continues to be devalued, despite the different laws that recognize the equality of sex



This work is imposed on the task of capturing in an image
the moment in which what is desired becomes real.
It is the thread linking what we see about ourselves and
what we want to be seen,
the emotion that polarizes our relationship with the world,
and remains hidden on the reverse side of what is shown
or on the front side of what is found.

DREAMERS, 2006-2012
Photography on Silk photo paper
30 x 40 cm


Exhibited at I Fotoiberoamérica Bienal 2010-12 
Itinerant collective exhibition photography 
Cadiz (SP), Sevilla (SP), Huelva (SP), Bratislava (SK), 
Viena (AU)  and others.


Photography on canvas.
Unique piece
74 x 100 cm

Photography on canvas.
Unique piece
74 x 100 cm



Exhibited at Art Fair, ArtMadrid 2010, Madrid, Spain

LA JANO, 2009
Photography on canvas.
Unique piece
74 x 100 cm

Photography on canvas.
Unique piece
74 x 100 cm


About Nature and consume

Photography on Silk photo paper 
30 x 40 cm


Deified humans, humanized gods.

An eye observes a dancing female body.
Captured snapshots generate mythological images reflected in a mirror.
Gods and demons engendered in the female body in movement,
with the beats generated by the rhythm of electronic music


"Sunt,..., quorum Forma semel mota est, et in hoc renovamine mansit. 
Sunt, quibus in plures jus est transire figuras,..." 
Metamorphoseon, Ovidii Nasonis

"There are,(...), beings whose form have changed, and continued under that alteration. 
Others have the privelege of assuming various shapes,(...)"

Photography on Silk photo paper 
45 x 90 cm 
Edition 2 + 1 A.P

0º 9 MONTH

Exhibited at Art Fair, Noche en Blanco 2008, Madrid, Spain

Absolute proximity as a technique that allows and obliges the self-portrait, the medium experiments with models and artist in 9 snapshots in a year, not the dizzying 12 months or the unrealizable four seasons but the time remained by everyone in a womb letting pure chance alien gave us form.

0º 9 MESES, 2008
Photography on canvas
100 x 140 cm
Unique piece


Lucila Bristow