Lost Paradise

Lucila Bristow focuses her work as a designer taking advantage of the social and aesthetic perspective supplied by several decades of photography. Her new collection responds to her defense of the humanization of fashion. With this aim in mind, she has developed a working method based on collage. An arbitrary collage showing the aesthetic proposal of a market society that frantically looks at itself, without recognizing nothing else but the shown object. Along with their market value objects have been represented in a way in which shapes, colours and materials have no meaning beyond aesthetic representation.

We can get to know the artist research through a series of collages facing hats. They show that dehumanization leads to emptiness, to natural material coloured with black oil, a substance that has paved the way for capitalism. The model is already other object, the reification of the human condition. After making this research Lucila Bristow has conceived her designs running away from the arbitrariness that comes out of ignoring the relationship between object-symbol and human nature. Hence, in her new collection she goes back to classic mythology and brings into play the bond that links fashion and basic human emotions. Her hats confer erotism, power, melancholy, independence, romanticism and also violence. Greek and Japanese mythology as well as shapes emerging from the very heart of men and women, from their everyday life, and from their collective and individual dreams.

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Lucila Bristow photography

The image as an information mean has always been a main axe to my career. Not only professionaly in any journalistic enviroment, but also regarding my work in visual arts. Wheter it comes to a portrait or a cover, I try to take advantage of the informative forces of images. That´s why I always take care of all the cutural sides and meanings into the symbols an imagie can capture, wheter they are ethnical, part on both sides of my work. Another main side of my works is mankind´s everyday environment, there´s where symbol and human being make the perfect match. Transmiting this through photography helps daily pondering about our own lives.

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