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Lucila Bristow

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives and works in Berlin

She grew up in Madrid where she trained herself in the art of photography and performance.                                                                                                                           Photography made possible a way of life and a means to express herself. Her snapshots succeed one another in musical concerts and interviews, travel reportage, album covers and collaborations in specialist music journals.                                                                                The image as an information mean has always been a main axe to my career. Not only professionaly in any journalistic enviroment, but also regarding my work in visual arts. Wheter it comes to a portrait or a cover, I try to take advantage of the informative forces of images. That is why I always take care of all the cultural sides and meanings into the symbols an image can capture, wheter they are ethnical, part on both sides of my work.

Another main side of my works is mankind´s everyday environment, there´s where symbol and human being make the perfect match. Transmiting this through photography helps daily pondering about our own lives.

Selected clients // Arena Club  (Germany)/ BBVA  (Spain)/ Benicassim Festival (Spain) / Cocoon recordings  (Germany) / Dro music (Spain) / El diablo records (Spain) / El Ranchito  (Spain) / Marie Claire magazine (Spain) (Mexico) / Musicam  (Spain) / Mixmag / Mondo Sonoro (Spain) / Neo2 (Spain) / Tele 5  (Spain) / Playground magazine (Spain) /  (Spain) / Sony music  (Spain) / Subterfuge records (Spain) / Rockdelux  (Spain) / Sage club ( Germany)  / Sónar festival  (Spain) / Universal records (Spain)

Selected exhibitions //                                                                                                        

2016                                                                                                                                           _MODERN VENUS presentation, Encuentros con el Arte at Elp sede Madrid (G) _MODERN VENUS presentation, Lange Nacht der Illustration, at noodles, noodles 
    & noodles, Berlin, Germany, Germany (G)
_ Cherie Sunday at Cherie Studio, 48h neukölln, Berlin (G)

2012                                                                                                                                                   _DMY NACHTSCHICHT,  Berlin, Germany (G)                                                                              _Lost Paradise, Das Hotel, Berlin, Germany (S)

2011                                                                                                                                                            _ Fotoiberoamérica 2011. Europe and SouthAmerica(G)                                                                _TRADITION_Fluere9, Berlin, Germany (S)

2010_ArtMadrid, Madrid, Spain (G)                                                                                          2009_La noche en Blanco, Madrid, Spain (G)                                                                           2003_Luces de tungsteno, Casa de Cultura de Denia, Alicante, Spain (S)                           2002_Fotorock2002, Metro de Madrid, Spain. Collection Comunidad de Madrid (G)       1999_Formas de mirar, Palacio de Monte Hermoso, Vitoria, Spain (G)

Contact //

Berlin, Germany

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