Found Spaces

The photographic serie depicts scenarios in which the human being has been omitted or hidden, but is the trace of mankind, the one that breaths within these photos. All were taken with a smartphone.
With this project Bristow intended to move towards the idea of democratization of the figure of artist and the embracement of the new technologies, how the shape our way of consuming but also creating images, and the possibilities of expression that these have given us. It is a visual conversation with the viewer about the inherent creativity of every person linked to the comprehension of the new media and how they affect or infect this creativity.

Digital photography on paper
Variable sizes

Dreamers, la vida son sueños

This work is imposed on the task of capturing  in an image the moment in which what is desired becomes real .
It is the thread linking what we see about ourselves and what we want to be seen, the emotion that polarizes our relationship with the world, and remains hidden on the reverse side of what is shown or on the front side of what is found.
It is a work where the details of the focus dilute the background, creating an underwater atmosphere that transports us to the world of dreaming. It began as an isolated experiment in the construction of photographs without a camera, looking for a mix of techniques that would capture what was most humanly close to the personality of the sitter, I found myself developing what I call Scannography.
Experimenting with people around me was a deep investigation into each of those chosen.

Scannography print on canvas.
Variable sizes

ArtMadrid 2010, Madrid, Spain

El Samurai

La Juno

The unique image dominates and deceives, to its encounter we go to the mirror, before the camera it is about sustaining it. It is the hope of reaching the outside with impossible harmony inside. A revelation of the tricked-out self in order to avoid the external verification of any own disaster. The incisive portrait instead perforates the exterior to reach in gestures what happens in the world of emotions. The person portrayed must be subject to their experiences, desires and frustrations. In that way the external appearance disappears as a reflection of the will.

This work imposes the task of capturing in an image the transit of what is desired and what exists. The thread that unites what we see of us and what we want to be seen, the emotion that polarizes our relationship with the world and that always remains hidden on the reverse of what is shown or on the obverse of what is found.
Text: Borja Ilían
Scannography print on canvas.
Variable sizes

The silver color of the Atlantic sea behind them and fire fighting in front. The Atlantic was more than an escape route for the constituents, it was the channel through which to extend the constitution with its rights and duties throughout Latin America. Above the urgency of despair the consciousness of the future, the responsibility of history that prevails as the color of the sea.

Linked by the hope of resisting but with the prospect of a future in freedom. The union of individuals that maintain the strength of combat that requires tightening the teeth. Men united for the reason of liberal humanism embodied in a constitution written during the siege

Fotoiberoamerica biennial, 2010-11, Itinerant exhibition

0º 9 MESES

La Noche en Blanco, 2009, Madrid

Scannography print on canvas.
Variable sizes


Deified humans, humanized gods.
An eye observes a dancing female body.
Captured snapshots generate mythological images reflected in a mirror.
Gods and demons engendered in the female body in movement, with the beats generated by the rhythm of electronic music.

Digital photography on paper.
Variable sizes.

Sunt,…, quorum Forma semel mota est, et in hoc renovamine mansit. Sunt, quibus in plures jus est transire figuras,…”

“There are,(…), beings whose form have changed, and continued under that alteration.
Others have the privelege of assuming various shapes…”

Metamorphose, Ovid Nason

In memorian of CocoonClub Frankfurt